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The primary goal of ILOOMINATIONS is to provide all of our past, current, and prospective customers with a unique level of service, dedication, integrity, reliability, and expectations, while captivating their imaginations through the development of a collection of unsurpassed art.

At ILOOMINATIONS, the customer’s satisfaction is the only priority that is relevant in all of our obligations. We strive to serve our customers with the highest level of service that is often absent in the operations of the competition. Whether they are browsing our standard collections or submitting a request for a custom order, there is no limit in time or effort of the priceless service we will invest in our customers to make their desires a reality. It is with this sheer determination that we are dedicated in bringing our customers the most luxurious and affordable décor-oriented furnishings through a plethora of world-class designs.

Unlike most of our competitors who use third-party agents to import their products, ILOOMINATIONS has managed to acquire an extensive network of contacts and experience to make it possible for us to directly connect our customers with the artisans responsible for the masterpieces they seek. It is a common practice among our competitors to factor in the costs of these agents into their final price, but by eliminating the middlemen from the equation ILOOMINATIONS is able to offer the lowest prices in the industry.

From beginning to end, we aim to be consistent and responsive to our customers’ needs by guaranteeing every process is free from neglect, while ensuring the efficiency and reliability in our final delivery.


Our mission’s unequivocal devotion lies with our customers and their satisfaction, but at the same time we are equally, consciously and practically, committed to everyone and everything involved in the process. At the center of our commitment is our social responsibility to both people and the environment. ILOOMINATIONS only conducts business with companies and groups that do not exploit children and are licensed by The Rugmark Foundation, an international nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in Southeast Asia.

Designer Row

Working behind the scenes of several established companies has been one lone designer who has revolutionized the industry. His work has been seen by many, yet only a few know the man who changed the arena of contemporary rug design and selection. Today, ILOOMINATIONS is proud to shine the light on the men responsible for scores of designs that have been sold throughout the market in the last decade. It has been nothing short but a deep appreciation, love, and respect for true art through all its different forms that has inspired and driven ILOOMINATIONS' artists to the level above any other professional artist/textile designer. Behind each exquisite design is the knowledge and grace that he has acquired through countless years of education and practice in the industry that are of great value to ILOOMINATIONS and our associate designers, but most importantly to our customers.

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