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Eight collections, 162 designs, five color/shape variations, three pattern-types, nine sizes, five alternative qualities, and no limit quantity orders are just but a few of the standard conceivable decisions that you will have to explore as you submerse yourself in the magnificent realm of Iloominations™.

Traditional Path

Choosing the traditional path in your journey with us only simplifies your selection process. Basically, in this order process, the only choices that you will have to make are the specifications that have been STANDARDIZED accordingly to each design and include color, shape, pattern, size, and quality.

1. Choose a design from any of the 8 collections in our catalogue that interests you.



2. Select from one of the five colors, 3 pattern-types and shape variations.

3. Specify the size and quality from the five standard classifications for the rug you intend to order.

Custom Path

On the other hand, choosing the custom path in your journey with us opens the doors to an unlimited array of options. Now, in this order process, your choice of custom specifications for any particular design has expanded to include the following:

Construction method (Hand-knotted or Hand-tufted)
Fabric type (Wool, wool/silk, natural fibers)
Dye type (Natural or environmentally-friendly synthetic)
Custom colors (please refer to our Color Chart)

1. Choose a design from any of the 8 collections in our catalogue that you wish to customize or submit a sketch of your own to be professionally designed. [Please refer to illustration 1(a) & 1(b) above.]

2. Indicate the construction method and fiber types to be used and the kind of dye that you prefer. [Please refer to the specifications listing fiber and note on construction methods and dyes.]

3. Select the custom colors for the pile and motif from our Color Chart. [Please refer to Iloominations 1200 Color Chart.]

4. Specify the custom size, shape, and density for the rug you intend to order. [Please refer to illustration 3 of the “Traditional Path” above.]

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