Pre-order services

Digital Room Setting

At every instance of the order process, IloominationsTM strives to present the client with complete control over their choices, progress, and their overall gratifying experience. So, once a client has made a preliminary selection of the type of rug they would love to purchase, whether it is a standard or custom order, we give them the option of viewing their selection in the particular room where the rug will gorgeously grace the floor. All the client will need to do is just simply take a photograph of the room at the most practical and appealing angle, without the need to move furniture or any other fixtures and send it to us. After the client submits this picture to us, we will digitally impose the rug they have chosen at the point where they desire. We guarantee to have this image returned within 24 hours so that the client may evaluate the placement, design, shape, and color of the rug in comparison to its surrounding. This option we offer accomplishes several objectives that will
give the client a more advantageous ability to decide on their selection, but most importantly it will give them the satisfaction that they are choosing and investing on the perfect work of art that they will enjoy for years to come.

Digital Room Setting

Now, once the client has passionately settled on the type of rug that they will be ordering, we will need to confirm the color selection of the pile and motif. In order to make the standard order process quicker and clear-cut,
IloominationsTM has already selected and noted the standard colors of each of the 5 color-variation per design, of every design in each collection, and displayed below that exact colored design. These colors were selected in accordance to the Iloominations’ Color Chart coordinates and it is the same color-selection method that will be used for custom orders, except that those color coordinates will be distinctively chosen by the client as per their request.
Furthermore, if you have a sample of the type of color that you desire, we encourage you to send us this sample so that we can match the color with our vast selection of 1,200 colored POMS. After the initial colors are selected, whether it is a standard or custom order, we will have the client authentically validate their final color selection by presenting them a sample fiber color from our 1200 POMS and asking them approve their definitive color choice.

Strikeoff Sample

In order to ensure an order’s integrity and the ultimate requests of the client, the last and most important procedure is the production and approval of an optional strikeoff sample. Once a client has selected and approved the design, specifications, and colors to be used on the pile and motif, IloominationsTM will weave ONE standard 1' X 1' sample at NO COST. The sample will be a partial representation of the whole rug and as such will go through the same method of production from beginning to end, but in a smaller time-frame; approximately 3 weeks. Thereafter delivery and presentation of the
strikeoff, the client will have to approve the sample so that we can proceed and finalize the order.

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