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Journey of Tradition

Rarely does the modern world in this day in age still manage to capture an ancient custom form, when time is of the essence and tradition the casualty of our progression. As the nexus of designs, Iloominations does not only crossover the boundaries of culture and time to be the link between the past and the future, but we also preserve every aspect of an endangered custom to the minutest detail. We sustain the past by observing the traditional ways that make an authentic Tibetan rug unique; the only traditional ways. At the same time, Iloominations seeks to promote the future of this ancient custom by assimilating the fundamentals of this tradition with our contemporary designs. Therefore, in this journey of tradition, we carefully adhere to these ways in every stage of the process, starting with the wool treatment, into the actual weaving, and finally with the package and shipping.

Standard Order Process

The journey of tradition continues well after a Tibetan rug is completed and to own one of these fine masterpieces literally means to be in possession of a piece of history, a piece of culture, and is never ending.

Custom Orders & Designer Consultation

In the course of our experiences, Iloominations has come to recognize and value the sense of individualism. As a result, we have incorporated that identical significance into our rugs with a custom order program. Nothing compliments more the beauty and sense of these timeless masterpieces as an injection of one’s self. With our easy custom order guide, you will be able to change and specify every detail of your rug that includes, but not limited to, the construction, fabric type, dye, color, size, and shape.

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